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Sara Rodriguez wanted to be on the school board because if she didn't get involved she felt there would be more firings. Rodriguez was the treasurer of the special interest group who mislead the public from the beginning talking about firings which it basically used as fear mongering. She worked for the school district and should know about closed sessions which I'm sure she does.

In my opinion she mislead the public to get what she wants. She talks about a hostile working environment as the recalled progressed, well she was part of why it progressed with their fear mongering and misleading information. She stood up at one meeting and said Lopez if I knew you were going to do this I wouldn't have supported you! The problem with that is she doesn't know what's going on and besides that she had a Smith sign outside her house, so she has no problem misleading the public.

At another meeting in which she stayed for only the beginning to say something, she commented on a flyer I put out saying what's the special interest plan. Sara said it's to get rid of you Mr. Orosco. Clearly she put her friendships ahead of our kids. Rodriguez didn't even run her own campaign, she is beholden to the special interest group and that is disgusting to us as parents.

Sara Rodriguez is a new part of the CRONYISM which has been around but now is showing its head. Not once has Sara Rodriguez even mentioned our kids, shame on you. The recall ended up being a good thing for exposing the CRONYISM for RODRIGUEZ and company.

Roger Orosco


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