Mayor Robertson tries to make excuses to why Mr. Rodriguez would want a change of leadership, saying things like he's mad. Well you are not doing a good job when it comes to our city as a whole. In my opinion you talk more about dogs then our kids with disabilities, seniors, homeless and crime put together. Now because it's an election year you say safety is your number one priority. If that's true, lord help us all!

You Mr. Robertson seem to think because it's politics you can mislead the public and it's ok. Should Rodriguez be mad? Hell yes! You along with others voted him mayor pro-temp and while lead by you to do something unheard of by making Mr. Grey the city manager (that was wrong within itself) you joined forces with your best friend Montijo and Avalos to bypass Rodriguez. He was next in line, you screwed him, he should be mad. The more we find out about you, the more nasty you seem to be. If I were you I wouldn't return my emails either, you might get cornered into telling the truth on certain things you have done.

If people pay attention Rodriguez was trying to tell you something, things are going on behind the scenes, you trusted him by voting him in to do what's right and he had the guts to put it out there.

Citizens of Selma please don't drink the cool aid (lies) of Robertson!

                                                                                     Roger Orosco