For several weeks, Congressman David Valadao has rejected his constituents' requests for town hall meetings, preferring to arrange individual appointments at his office and carefully moderated telephone conferences, abdicating his responsibility to gather information in a public forum from the people he represents.

If not his constituents' concerns, then, what does inform the congressman's vote?

Did $40,000 from the telecommunications industry result in the congressman's support for a bill to make it easier for internet service providers to sell a person's browsing history to advertisers? Does that benefit his 700,000 constituents — or ATT and Comcast?

The insurance and pharmaceutical industries contributed in excess of $150,000 to the congressman's 2016 campaign. On Thursday he voted to strip over 60,000 of his constituents--including an estimated 14,000 children--of their health care.

The Republican party gave approximately $50,000 to Congressman Valadao's campaign; predictably, he has voted for the Trump Agenda 100% percent of the time, including a law allowing employers to give comp time instead of pay for overtime work.

Perhaps those people in District 21 who voted overwhelming against Trump for president believed that Republican Congressman Valadao could still honestly consider their interests when he cast his votes in Congress. Apparently we were wrong.

                                                                                        Diane Cross