What a relief! Coming back to Selma from my vacation on the East Coast, having to outrun Hurricane Andrew, being re-routed from Orlando to New Orleans (not a bad trade after all), to finally find that Arrants St is once again open for traffic. True, it took the best part of 6 months, but being able to park right outside my place of work is one of the little things that make life more bearable during this brutal an seemingly non-ending Presidential Election.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful toward the city and its employees, I need to share a piece of information that, if true, shows how incompetence and lack of accountability is costing us, the tax payers a whole lot of hard earned moolah. Apparently, when work was first performed on Arrants Street several years ago, the city staff was made aware that a number of underground water pipes crossing the street would have to be severed in order to complete the project. The answer from the city was “don’t worry about a thing, theses pipes have already been capped”.

Come to find out, the pipes were never capped, and consequently, several sink holes developed right above their locations. If that’s not bad enough, instead of going down and cap the pipes below the sink holes, the city chose to close the entire street and have it once again dug from one end to the other at considerable expense.

Furthermore, contrary to what we were told by high ranking city officials, neither the Insurance nor the Bond companies representing the contractor who performed the initial work, were going to pay for this un-necessary work. Anyone willing to guess who is going to foot the bill? Please, do not say “the city”, I don’t want to have to explain that “we” the residents of Selma are in fact the “city”. That’s right, you guessed it, it is you and I who are going to pay for this boondoggle!

Are you as mad as I am? Have you cast your ballot for City Council already? Maybe it is time to “drain the swamp” not only in Washington DC, but here at home also.

                                                                                      Roger Tarpin