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Dear Editor,

I question the sincerity of POA President Andrew Guzman’s statements in the article on the Selma Enterprise website on Selma’s city council 5-0 voting to survey the residents of Selma on their interest of the possibility of a new police station.

According to Mr. Guzman “many citizens scratching their heads wondering where and how Measure S funds are allocated”. “The SPOA would also like to know how the funds are allocated”. I find it puzzling that after nine years since the passage of Measure S the SPOA is unable to locate the audited Measure S reports that are public records that anyone can request a copy of at the finance department located in City Hall.

It seems that nearly every election cycle since Measure “S” was passed there have been allegations of misuse of its funds by some organization trying to gain political leverage and grandstanding. This year it’s the SPOA’s turn to question the benefit of Measure S. This is unfortunate, because it can cause unfounded doubts in the community that supports Selma's Fire and Police departments. These fabricated statements, also question the integrity of the citizens who serve on the Measures S oversight committee (Louis Franco, Tom Bowers, Jennifer Earle, Karl Salazar and Mike Ridgway plus past committee members Pete Esraelian and Dr. Stan Louie).

Measure S was conceived and brought to realization by the citizens of Selma to help improve public safety in Selma. It is not the personal bank account of the POA or the City, nor should it be used as a tool for political grandstanding.

As a strong supporter of Selma public safety, and to answer all questions of the SPOA regarding funding allocations, I have arranged for an open to the public review of the last Measure S audited report. I encourage all Selma citizens and Fire and Police personnel to attend. The meeting will be on May 23rd at 6:30pm located at the Selma Police Department.


                                                                                       Louis Franco

                                                                       Measure S Chairperson

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