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Water facility

California Water Service says all of Selma’s water supply meets the new state standards for trichloropropane, or TCP, of 5 parts per trillion now that this granular-activated carbon treatment facility has been installed.

SELMA – Officials with the California Water Service say they’ve completed installation on a water treatment facility in time to meet the January 2018 compliance deadline.

The state set new standards for trichloropropane this past summer and Cal Water staff have since then been working to install granular-activated carbon treatment facilities at one of its impacted groundwater wells in Selma.

The state requires that there be a maximum contaminant level of 5 parts per trillion of TCP. TCP is a man-made organic chemical used mostly as a soil fumigant until the 1980s. It seeped into some groundwater supplies, including those in Cal Water’s Selma service area, as well as into water supplies in the Bakersfield, Visalia, South San Francisco, Stockton and Chico service areas.

The utility currently has plans to install treatment at one more site in the district. That well will not be put into service until after installation has been completed.

Cal Water officials say now all the water provided to Selma District customers meets the new state standard.

Local Manager Steve Johnson said Cal Water is installing facilities in phases with priority given to the most critical water sources to meet customers’ needs. Additional phases will be completed by the summer of 2018 to allow the utility to bring other sources of water online.

“We were prepared to have a short window in which to comply with a new TCP standard, so we prepared as much as possible ahead of the [contaminant levels] being finalized in order to be able to meet this deadline,” Johnson said. “Protecting our customers’ health and safety is our number one priority. We are very pleased to confirm that they will continue to receive a reliable supply of high-quality water that meets all water quality standards.”

In July 2017, the State Water Resources Control Board established the maximum contaminant levels for TCP and compliance monitoring would begin in January.

Cal Water serves about 6,400 service connections in Selma and about 2 million people through 482,400 service connections in California. The utility has provided water service in the area since 1962.

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