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Selma High: First place in Sequoia Division

Selma High career tech students pose with their trophy at the March 22 Tiger ROmP Competition at Reedley College. SHS took first place in the Sequoia division.

SELMA – Selma High bested three other high schools to take first place in the Sequoia Division at the March 22 Tiger ROmP competition at Reedley College. The event is a career tech skills competition where students compete in categories from animation to welding.

More than 1,000 students competed for $8,000 in prizes in such events as automotive, aviation, flight science, child development, crime scene investigations, culinary skills, entrepreneurship, engineering, firefighting, job interview, medical terminology, nursing and patient care skills, robotics, sports medicine, Skills USA, video game design, video production, welding and Word formatting.

Valley Regional Occupational Program’s Fabrizio Lofaro said the competition gives students a chance to showcase their skills and connect with the local junior college where the event takes place.

“Tiger ROmP creates a safe and healthy environment where high school students can be challenged, compete and be recognized for using their career technical skills,” Lofaro said. “The Tiger ROmP also seeks to create a concrete connection between Reedley College’s learning environment and the high school students that participate at the events on the campus.”

Here’s a list of how the students placed:

  • 2D-3D Animation - 3rd place: Aaron Avila
  • Aviation - 1st place: Rodrigo Acosta and Mauricio Marquez
  • Automotive - 2nd place: Jhonathan Flores
  • Individual welding - 1st place: Boyd Fransen; 2nd place: Dale Fransen; 3rd place: Derek Ghilardi
  • Job interview skills - 1st place: Itza Hernandez
  • Skills USA - 3rd place: Joel Smith and Emily Fernandez
  • Team welding - 1st place: Boyd Fransen, Jillian Ramirez, Derek Ghilardi, Francisco Macias, Dale Fransen
  • Urban/Rural firefighting - 1st place: Nestor Vasquez Rios (center); 3rd place: Joseph Gaytan (left)
  • Video production - 1st place: Aleshia Rebollar; 3rd place: Eddie Cuevas, Katie Schales, Jasmin Soto (not pictured: Herlo Hernandez and Bradley McCracken
  • Wildland firefighting - This is a Reedley College course composed of students from various high schools. Students are broken up into teams to compete. Selma High students who competed and placed were: 1st place team: Jesus Mendez; 2nd place team: Angel Fuentes and Emmanuel Franco; 3rd place team: Emanuel Abundis and Mark Ramirez.

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