SELMA – In an ongoing effort to recognize students, Selma High hosted its monthly student and athletes of the month recognition breakfast Oct. 27 at the school’s dining hall.

Freshman Learning Director Enedina Reed said continuing to hosts the breakfast gives her a chance to meet not just her students, but their entire families, while encouraging their work in and out of the classroom.

“Since I’m just meeting my freshmen this year, I get to see them and their siblings and their whole family. Having a breakfast together is like family,” Reed said. “Just knowing they’re being acknowledged for their hard work and dedication is really important to me as their learning director.”

Reed said she realizes student juggle activities beyond the classroom and being able to handle all those responsibilities prepares them for being an adult.

“We have students like Daniel [Acosta] whose hope is to go to MIT. He’s very hard working. He spends hours and hours practicing [music] out on the field but yet he’s also focused on the academics. I tell my kids, I know it’s tough to do all those hours of practice. They’re taking on a lot, but they’re being successful. That’s preparing them for life. When you’re an adult, you’ll have some really long days and you just have to find ways to stay strong throughout the day.”

The following students were recognized this month:

Freshman Daniel Acosta

Nominating teacher Megan McDougal: “Daniel is a wonderful student whose accomplishments in and out of the classroom should be recognized. He is a hard worker and a joy to have in the classroom.”

Goals: Mechanical engineer

Comment: “I want to thank Mrs. McDougal for nominating me and my parents and my brother and all my friends in the band.”

Other freshmen nominated include: Axel Angeles, Kimberly Arroyo, Raul Cervantes, Jacob Cisneros, Arykah Cuevas, Mayra Leon, Ariadna Matias and Isabella Parras.

Sophomore Tamanna Aujla

Nominating teacher Miguel Teran: “Aside from doing high school in three years, Tamanna is in my top three students ever for hardest workers.”

Goals: Orthopedic surgeon

Comment: “I want to thank my family, especially my mom for pushing me to my limits and helping me achieve my goals.”

Other sophomores nominated include: Angelo Atkinson, Simran Bains, Andrew Bonilla, Jacob Harris and Laura Herrera.

Junior Ivana Matias Perez

Nominating teacher Forest Castle: “Ivana’s intellectual and artistic talents make her one of the most extraordinary students you will meet.”

Goals: English teacher

Comment: “I’d like to thanks Mr. Castle for pushing me toward it and my parents and all my band friends.”

Other juniors nominated include Andrea Arrellano, Sharon Gill, Ricardo Salazar, Jacob Valles, Lizette Venegas, Chris Verduzco and Maria Zavala.

Senior Saul Estrada

Nominating teacher David Highbaugh: “Saul is never one to demand the spotlight; he just quietly does his work, and it is always neat and exemplary. He has the highest grade in trigonometry/pre-calculus right now.”

Goals: Automotive technician

Comment: “I’d like thank Mr. Highbaugh for nominating and choosing me for this. I’d like to thank my mom and dad who’ve always been supportive of me and always helping me out through the rough times.”

Other seniors nominated include: Haya Asmar, Alyssa Fuentes and Vanessa Ramirez.

Female athlete of the month Audrie Naranjo, junior

Nominating coach Harold Wood: “She has really upped her game this year to become one of our best offensive and defensive players. Audrie works hard and is always at practice. She knows what it means and takes to be a good athlete.”

Sport: Water polo

Goals: Court reporter or history teacher

Comment: “I want to thank my mom and dad and my coach for always supporting me in what I do.”

Male athlete of the month Quentin Gonzalez, junior

Nominating coach Harold Wood: “Quentin is our goalie. He has a great attitude, works hard and is always at practice. His defensive ability keeps us in the close games. His great attitude helps keep up the morale and helps keep everyone focused on the future.”

Sport: Water polo

Goals: Engineer

Comment: “I’d like to thank my parents for supporting me and I want to thank Coach Wood.”

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