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THOMAS ELIAS If a major Democrat who is relatively scandal-free – like former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, for one example – were willing to risk becoming a party pariah for the rest of his life should he lose, the balance of credibility could change substantially.

THOMAS ELIAS Democrats hold every statewide office, plus huge majorities in both houses of the Legislature, besides having strangleholds on city councils and county boards in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Who’s going to stop legislators or local officials from crossing the voters if the voters don’t act to stop them?

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THOMAS ELIAS Newsom and the Legislature can devote all the money and manpower they like to wildfire prevention and planning, but it won’t alter the utilities’ longtime practice of negligence and irresponsibility until people making the decisions understand they will be held to account personally when their terrible choices cause terrifying consequences for people they are paid to serve.

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“Never again” is a common slogan popping up appropriately during Holocaust remembrance observances and after repeated fatal shootings in schoo…