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Longtime Island Community resistant Denver Eddings, 94, passed peacefully Tuesday July 6th, 2021. Denver was the owner, head cook and custodia…

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HANFORD — Monday was the fourth year in a row that 1/11 was marked with giveaways and a raffle for lucky One Eleven Coffee customers. The popu…

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Travelers love Delray Beach for its distinctive mix of beach, nightlife, nature, and family-friendly activities. Three miles of the city’s east coast offers sunbathers and surfers a place to look out onto the Atlantic Ocean. Snorkelers can take a swim to see the “SS Inchulva,” a British boat sunk by hurricane winds in 1903 and now a must-see tourist destination.

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Once the dough is sufficiently fried, it will be stuffed with sweet fillings, including rose petal, custard, strawberry, lemon and raspberry.

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Some of the world's best coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Boquete in western Panama. Several coffee plantations offer tours and tastings, including Don Pachi Estate, Finca La Valentina and Finca dos Jefes, among others. Most tours involve a guided walk around the scenic grounds, a coffee tasting, and other hands-on activities.

Since caffeine is in so many different foods and drinks, it's easy for kids — or grownups — to get more than they should without realizing it.