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Your View: Future of Lemoore

Your View: Future of Lemoore

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The Nov. 6 election will have a huge impact on Lemoore and the nation. Specifically, voters in Lemoore voting Area A should consider several questions regarding the important decision of who their City Council representative will be, Mayor Madrigal or Stuart Lyons.

  1. Mayor Madrigal touts his leadership as a major reason for his reelection. Do you think his leadership has promoted harmony within the City Council and with the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD)?
  2. Why did two LVFD fire chiefs report that they were solicited to become paid fire chiefs by two different city administrators? Is the common denominator here the City Council led by Mayor Madrigal?
  3. Why did a majority of 35 LVFD members give serious consideration to resigning over the contentious treatment by the current administration led by Mayor Madrigal?
  4. Did the city administration contact Kings County to explore contracting for lesser fire protection/medical response in Lemoore at huge expenses to the city and residents/homeowners insurance?
  5. Why did Mayor Madrigal publicly admit he was responsible for the LVFD strife when he now disavows unfriendly relations?
  6. Would a subordinate city department head cross the ethical line in walking precincts and actively solicit voters on behalf of Mayor Madrigal?
  7. Under Mayor Madrigal’s leadership, why was LVFD forced to change their basic harmonious relationship with the city in an unprecedented action after almost 100 years of a mutually successful close relationship with prior City Councils?
  8. Did the city propose a tax increase under the leadership of Mayor Madrigal, which was resoundingly opposed by community leaders, Chamber of Commerce, and appeared to confirm coverage for a paid fire department?
  9. Has Mayor Madrigal’s leadership resulted in deficit spending? Would home owners and the city itself face additional increased costs if the administration was successful in promoting a paid department?
  10. Why did Mayor Madrigal and a divided City Council not support a formal and public request from LVFD’s attempt to ameliorate contentious and unprecedented relations by delaying the approval of permanency status to the city administrator until those relations improve?
  11. Why did the Kings County Republican Central Committee evaluate candidates for Lemoore City Council and endorse Chad Billingsley and Stuart Lyons?
  12. Lastly, why would the city under Mayor Madrigal’s leadership jeopardize nearly 100 years of exemplary LVFD service and millions of dollars of savings; concurrently LVFD being the envy of and consternation of some outside influential individuals and organizations regarding the LVFD department success and its highest ISO Valleywide fire rating?

This election is not about personalities, popularity or “good old boys,” but it is about core values, ethics and policies affecting the future of Lemoore.

I submit that these questions should be considered in the privacy of your voting activity. Your vote should supersede personalities and friendships, while reflecting your personal values, ethics, and serve the best interests for the long-term success and HARMONY in our beloved city of Lemoore.

Ron Allvin is a former City Council member and retired LVFD firefighter.

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