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Bastille in Hanford

The Hanford Bastille was once the Kings County jail and later was a restaurant. 

The Hanford City Council voted against spending about a million dollars to renovate the Bastille and make it inhabitable. Instead, they will spend about $100,000 to replace boards with plastic to cover windows, repair bricks that are falling off and fix a walkway - all fixes that will make it look a little better and be safer, but not make it more attractive for use. 

Was that the right decision? Should something else be done with it?

What about Civic Park as a whole? What should the city do with it? The council is planning to do some improvements to the Civic Auditorium to make life better for tenants. But what could be done to make the park a draw? Or would it be better to just bulldoze the entire park and start over? 

Email responses to: by Wednesday. We will print responses in the April 1-2 Weekend Edition.  

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