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Proposition 60 would require actors in pornographic films to wear condoms and would require producers to pay for performer vaccinations and medical examinations.

This is one of those initiatives we can’t believe voters are being asked to decide. Proponents claim there are health threats to actors and voters wind up bearing the cost of treatment.

If that’s so, then workplace safety issues should be addressed through existing legislation. If that’s not enough, then the Legislature should address it.

In addition, the actors, by definition of the film’s subject, are adults and ought to be able to make their own decisions.

Proposition 60 doesn’t address broad problems in California workplaces. It seems more an attempt to make it more difficult to produce pornographic films in the state. While that not be a bad goal, creating more – and expensive – government oversight is not the way to do it.

Vote no on Proposition 60.

Proposition 63 targets ammunition as a way to more gun control.

While we understand the desire to limit gun violence, this proposition seems to be an expensive but ineffective way to go about it.

Proposition 63 would require background checks before anyone could buy ammunition. It would prohibit the possession of large capacity magazines and establish procedures for enforcing the prohibition on gun ownership by people on the state Department of Justice list of people who are no longer allowed to have firearms. It would also limit the type of firearms that can be bought, establish a 10-day waiting period before a dealer may hand over a gun to a buyer and create a new court process for taking guns away from those who aren’t supposed to have them.

It would also increase local and state regulatory and law enforcement costs, court costs and – since it creates new penalties that include prison time – prison costs.

It’s unwieldy and a mishmash of regulations that will help bureaucracy mushroom, make law-abiding gun owners’ lives more difficult while doing little to take guns away from criminals.

Vote No on Proposition 63

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