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The fires California has suffered through this year were - and are - horrific.

And fire, drought and other climate-related problems may be the "new normal" for us, as Gov. Brown opined earlier this week. While it might be satisfying in some ways for Brown to feel like he and others who have warned of life-threatening effects from climate change, we need him and others in Sacramento to get moving.

What can we do?

A column on this page earlier this week talked about addressing the fires from a building perspective, and we agree that's the direction that needs exploration.

Did you know there is a paint that won't burn? A gel that can cover your house and help protect it from fire? Fabric that won't burn?

A quick exploration of the internet also showed sprinkler systems that sense a fire coming, spray the gel over your house and check again to see if more is needed.

We have no idea if all - or any - of these things work, but we would like Sacramento to spend a little time checking them out and coming up with ways to help people use the ones that make sense.

Instead of moaning about how we can look forward to more devastating fires, let's have Sacramento show some leadership and help people protect their homes and properties. 

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