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Does it seem fair that people who put the most wear on our roads and bridges should contribute a little extra toward their maintenance? Would you like cleaner air as a bonus? Do you have a plan in place for raising $5.1 billion annually to maintain our roads and bridges? If your answers are yes, yes, and no, then it makes sense to vote no on Proposition 6.

Proposition 6 is a misguided proposal to repeal the Senate Bill (SB) 1 tax on gasoline. If you think this won’t make a difference, please call your city or county road commission to ask what projects are planned using SB 1 funds, and how long these projects will be delayed if funding is taken away. Be sure to ask about alternative sources of funding and how you can contribute.

SB 1 funding pays for repairs for roads, highways, and bridges throughout California. It increases safety and reduces wear on vehicles. It means road repairs can be made at lower cost than if maintenance is deferred.

The tax on gasoline means people who use the most gas pay the most tax. People who drive the most miles or drive the least fuel-efficient (often heavier) vehicles pay more tax. These are the people putting the most wear on our roads and bridges. People who want to pay less tax have options: they can drive a more fuel-efficient vehicle, share rides, combine errands, work, shop, or worship closer to home, and take public transportation. Any of these choices will result in less wear on our roads and bridges, cleaner air, and less tax paid.

In the real world we pay for what we use. The SB 1 gasoline tax is a fair and sensible way to raise needed funds to maintain our roads and bridges. Vote yes for safety, roads and bridges by voting no on Proposition 6.

Margaret Lirones


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