The United Nations recently issued the Global Climate Status Report produced by scientists with the Space and Science Research Corp.

“Of the 24 global climate parameters evaluated by the SSRC, 20 show a global cooling trend, three show a global warming trend, one shows a neutral trend,” as explained in the report's  summary. Also, “…. the integrated global atmospheric and oceanic temperatures, both indicate a declining global temperature trend is in place. ... This singular fact is conclusive evidence to restate that global warming, as a natural phase of climate variation caused by the sun, has ended.”  

The Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Denmark ran an article Aug. 7. It was headlined “The behavior of the sun may trigger a new little ice age,” so at least some of the newspapers and climatologist in Europe are not afraid to tell the truth about global temperature variations.

You might remember a couple of years ago when the  now-infamous “Climategate” scandal hit some of the news, when top English climate scientists had their emails leaked to the news showing that they conspired to, in their own words “hide the decline” of the overall global temperatures. Although this exposes the entire “global warming” as fraud, what is important to us in the United States at this time is what was leaked to the Associated Press. That showed our current administration and some other national governments were putting pressure on the IPCC to not release the fact that “global warming” had basically ended and that, for many years, the earth is actually getting slightly cooler.

The reason this information is so important is that “global warming” is the excuse for most of our government environmental regulations for the last four administrations, and it is destroying the U.S. economy. Now you need to give that some extra thought, because that means that almost every regulation the Environmental Protection Agency enforces is based on permeated fraud — a fraud that will turn the United States into a Third World country that can't produce food, oil or minerals, but we will have an overabundance of hunger. 

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