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I am writing this letter, to bring into light, again from another disturbing perspective on how a Tulare County resident can “invade” into our City, check into someone’s house in Hanford and run for City Council, District E.

Based Strawn’s comments on the November 8th Sentinel’s front page, “Strawn, Brieno battle for District E”; quote: “I think the winner deserves to get in office immediately so that they’re able to understand what’s going on and be part of that process: Please Mr. Strawn, you should have run in your own hometown of Tulare and not in our City of Hanford.

I have read from The Sentinel and heard from many credible sources within City’s business circle and political movers and shakers, that, they had firsthand knowledge of his true residency, and about his quick questionable move into Hanford, residing just recently in someone’s house, coming in from Tulare.

I myself, initially applied to the City of Hanford to campaign for a City Council District “D” and was told on the very last day, that I was out of jurisdiction by 2 city blocks. So how is it that, I could not run for my own hometown for city council, and yet, Mr. Strawn a resident from Tulare has done so illegally.

Instead, I ran at the last minute for a Trustee Position for the College of Sequoias. My congratulations to John Lehn for his success. I know John, and I know he will do fine as Trustee.

Citizens of Hanford, take guard of these reckless and unlawful, unethical, illegal activities within our own City Council campaign. Call the City of Hanford and make your voices known, that we and no of us are above the law.

I do agree with Candidate Jason Kemp Van, that the Secretary of State and the Grand Jury investigate the violation against Strawn and all those associated with his campaign. All eyes are now on how the City of Hanford will handle this miss. I now ask the City Council of Hanford: Please do the right thing for the sake of all of us, who were deceived.

Alfred Benavides, MPA

Resident of Hanford

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