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The midterm elections are coming up quickly (save the date for November 6th), and all of us at Valley Forward is excited to vote for the candidates we believe in. No matter what your policies and positions you support, or what side of the political spectrum you fall on, there’s one thing we can all agree upon: how important voting is.

A common trend I have seen when I canvas is people deciding not to vote. They are already registered, so why not vote? I kindly ask why they decided not to vote and the majority of the answers were they did not know what they were they could vote for. Most did not know what midterm elections were.

We as a community need to educate and inform the rest of the community on politics and tell them how important they are. Especially local elections, because that will directly affect homes. We as a country tend to forget that there is not just a presidential election. I have gotten a few people who have said something along the lines of “another president?." To be fair we do not get enough information on midterms through media as presidential elections do. That is why we need to team up as a community and become the media that inform our community.

What are the midterm elections? They are the general elections that fall in the middle of a president’s four-year term in office. In these midterm elections, the people can elect new or re-elect existing representatives on the federal and local level. This year, 36 out of 50 governors, all 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats are up for grabs.

Karen Munoz


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