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I am 73 years old. This is the first time in my life time I have experienced, corruption, lies, sexual predator acts, more lies, more criminal cases, more civil cases, more lies than this country is experiencing right now from a President.

Donald Trump is a criminal, who under direct testimony, under oath by his former lawyer has been accused of a federal crime.

What do we hear, same old, same old, no collusion, no crime, on and on, lie after lie. Trump saying that paying bribes is not a crime? Does that tell you something about this man's mental capacity?

The fact that Russia helped him get elected should scare everyone. Think not, why was it only the Democratic organizations that got hacked. Not one time was Trump's campaign ever hacked or was there any attempts. Two and Two and Four no matter how many lies he tells.

The RNC sold out America for power and greed in 2016. Like they will ever get their 30 pieces of silver. Trump is well known for lying and cheating everyone.

Both Republicans and Democrats are sticking their heads in the sand and protecting a criminal.

How much more is it going to take for them to do their duty to the people they serve, who is us, and impeach him. Trump has bought his way out of criminal activity all his life. It is time for that to end and him to take his just dues. If it were you or me, would we be out of jail if we conspired in a federal crime, no of course not. His job, which is a joke, because it is nothing more than a money stealing scheme, should not keep him from being tried and convicted. Anyone who thinks he is not a criminal has never done any research on him. Remember Trump U, a big scam he ran? Lies, lies, lies and more lies.

The things he says about women, and the disgusting and vile way he fondles his daughter in public and talks about her body and dating her, should have been the end of him in 2016. Nothing is worth having him in the White House.

Hope all of you people that got promised something out of the Trump bag of lies get exactly what you deserve, nothing. Which is what you will because he is a liar, and a con job.

                                                                                                 Donna Cox


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