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Letters to the Editor: Why we can’t trust Valadao to handle pandemic; Endorsement won't save Cox candidacy

Letters to the Editor: Why we can’t trust Valadao to handle pandemic; Endorsement won't save Cox candidacy

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Why we can’t trust Valadao to handle pandemic

The U.S. death toll from COVID-19 broke through 200,000 on Tuesday — right around the time former absentee Congressman and current Trump puppet David Valadao campaigned across the Valley without a mask at an event with California Senate Minority Leader, and fellow fan of superspreader events, Shannon Grove.

The Trump Administration, along with science-deniers like Valadao and Grove, have turned a blind eye and gave COVID-19 a free pass to become one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. We’re over half a year into this crisis. Mr. Valadao doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt for not wearing a mask.

How can we trust a man like Valadao with our interests in Washington when he treats his own people so callously here at home?

As a medical professional, I am acutely aware that this pandemic is not something we can ignore and hope will go away. It requires sound leadership, guidance from science, and a commitment to protecting one another; qualities that our ex-representative sorely lacks.

I can’t begin to imagine the U.S. death toll with another negligent Trump presidency and science-denier Valadao at the helm of our district once again. What an enormous and tragic loss of life that would be.

We need leaders who will listen to science and medical experts to keep us safe and put our economy back on track.

That’s why I am voting to re-elect our Democratic Representative TJ Cox, who will continue to do the right thing when it comes to handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Edythe Stewart


Endorsement won't save Cox candidacy

Given all the nasty lies and lawsuits we’ve seen from our Congressman, I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised that a radical anti-farmer organization has offered their endorsement.

The Natural Resources Defense Council just bought $100,000 of air time across the Central Valley to support the out-of-touch Congressman TJ Cox. This group of environmental extremists has a history of suing farmers and stealing their water right here in the Central Valley. Now they want to pretend they care about our communities, tell us who to vote for, then work with TJ to further attack farmers, cut off our water, and destroy ourlivelihoods.

Does the Natural Resource Defense Council really expect us to believe anything from them when they’ve worked tirelessly to harm farmers in the Valley? TJ Cox has pushed their agenda to hurt farmers, and we know better! $100,000 from manipulative radicalists won’t save this dishonest, unethical, unfit candidate.

Roger and Cheryl Hakker


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