Vote to re-elect Fagundes as district attorney

Vote to re-elect District Attorney Keith Fagundes. He is committed to the pursuit of truth and justice. He is an outstanding advocate for the people of Kings County. He is committed to holding the guilty accountable, protecting the innocent and preserving the dignity of victims and their families.

He truly ensures the District Attorney’s Office maintains the highest ethical standards. These are not just slogans – it is who he is and what he does on a daily basis for the people of Kings County.

I know! I am the most senior deputy district attorney in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. I have been practicing law 34 years, serving in the capacity of a career prosecutor during the past 31 years and the last almost four years working directly for District Attorney Fagundes and his management team.

District Attorney Fagundes’ leadership team has approximately 90 years of combined legal experience. They are passionate, highly experienced and representing the residents of Kings County in a highly efficient, effective and competent manner. They truly provide the very best in leadership and legal representation for the people in the administration of justice.

My career has been committed to serving as an advocate for the people for over three decades. I see, hear and know what is happening within the District Attorney’s Office and interact daily with District Attorney Fagundes, his management team and other deputy district attorneys.

Morale within the office and among prosecutors is very high. I review, process and handle more than 6,000 criminal matters each year. There is no one more highly qualified for this constitutionally elected position to represent the people of Kings County than Keith Fagundes.

Fagundes is a lifelong Kings County resident who has family roots deeply planted in this county. He cares deeply about the safety of all residents and has done an outstanding job during his first eight years as the top advocate for the people. Vote to re-elect Keith Fagundes to the Office of District Attorney of Kings County in the best interests of all.

Jeffrey Winter


Mickey Mouse speaks up

Mickey Mouse is between a rock and a hard place.

What's going on in Florida? The governor, Ron DeSantis, signed a new law, something called "Parental Rights in Education" or "Don't Say Gay" bill. There is nothing new about this type of law — many states have passed similar laws in the past 20 years.

What's happening here? DeSantis is practicing hate politics, similar to Donald Trump on the day he came down the escalator to announce that he was running for President.

On that day, Trump talked about how bad politicians and the government were by allowing Mexicans to illegally come across our borders. DeSantis may be running for President in 2024, so by attacking people, politicians and a Mouse that think differently, he is taking a page right out of Trump's playbook.

At first The Walt Disney Company said nothing, but as thousands of employees and guests started to show their strength and protested that the DeSantis law was not to their liking, the Mouse spoke up.

Should DeSantis punish Mickey Mouse for having a point of view and expressing an opinion in America? It seems free speech is dead in the world of Presidential hate politics.

Mark Twain once said, “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Cary De Grosa



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