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Letters to the Editor: Vote no on Prop. 15

Letters to the Editor: Vote no on Prop. 15

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Vote no on Prop. 15

Proposition 15 is a $12.5 billion property tax increase that raises our cost of living and especially hurts rural communities. It will effect our costs of everything we buy — food, gas, utilities, etc.

Don’t be fooled. There are hidden regulations that are not spelled out in the summary you see on your ballot. This proposition will extremely impact our daily lives in our rural communities.

Property taxes include land, buildings, machinery and equipment. Business equipment includes computers and furniture.

This measure requires commercial and industrial land and buildings as well as agricultural land to be taxed based on how much they could be sold for instead of the current method “the purchase price.”

The promise is that the new revenue raised would go to local governments, such as cities, counties and schools. However the LAO (Legislative Analyst Office) reports “Some in rural areas may end up losing money.” You will be hurt by hidden regulations as rural communities. Like all propositions — what’s the rest of the story? Rural communities, small businesses, farms will all be impacted.

This is a terrible time to raise taxes. The coronavirus alone has hurt many of our businesses and families, the effects of which will be felt for 5 to 10 years.

Please vote NO on Prop. 15.

Manuel Cunha, Jr.

President, Nisei Farmers League

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