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Kristine Lee, elected Registrar of Voters has done her homework and concluded going with the ES&S voting system is in the best interest of the County as the current voting system is dated and failing. Unfortunately, after two presentations from the Registrar of Voters, Kristine Lee, the Board is still unable to conclude how to proceed. May I offer the reason; THIS IS NOT YOUR JOB!

Selecting professional products in an elected official’s office is the duty of the elected official. It is the duty of the board to decide if the spending is reasonably within the budget, and in this case, there is no increased spending and this item is currently in the budget. Therefore, Supervisor Verboon, Neves, Fagundes, Pederson and CAO Larry Spikes are impeding the duties of an elected official by continuing down this path. Supervisor Valle is the only voice of reason.

Now, if that's not bad enough, in the August meeting the Board doubled down with their over inflated egos and accepted a second offer from Dominion, for the purchase of new equipment, outside the original RFP process; an offer the Registrar of Voters has not seen. Kristine Lee, Registrar of Voters did NOT request the purchase of new equipment, she requested the transfer of a service agreement from Dominion to ES&S. That's all!

The decision the Board must make is pretty simple, either they continue the current contract with Dominion and proceed with dated and failing equipment or they decide to change the contract to ES&S and the County receives a new updated voting product along with the same service agreement. Seems pretty simple to me, so I must ask, what is going on here? Why are these Supervisor and the CAO so hell bent on the Dominion vendor and what gives them the right to bypass the Registrar of Voters, an elected official? Ms. Lee deserves the same respect as the District Attorney and the Sheriff. You elected her and now she needs your help to do her job. Please contact your Supervisor ASAP and put this ridiculous abuse of power to a STOP!

Renee Faber


Erasing history

America removing its history past is just like Isis removing entire cities of their religion and history past. It is not up to us to define or change the history of the past of the United States of America. Nor is it up to us to change or define the history of the Roman Empire and the Coliseum. Those events themselves have changed the world to make it a better place. To remove those monuments would make us just like ISIS who has destroyed entire cities cultures because of their religion and their past. America is better than that. The word of the few should not be the word of the many.

Gerald McCarney


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