Voting for Sarah Hacker for District Attorney

I endorse Sarah Hacker to be the next Kings County District Attorney because she has the intelligence and temperament for the job.

I have known Sarah for about 15 years. We worked together on prosecuting gang cases when I supervised the Kings County Gang Task Force and later in 2009 and 2010 when I was a District Attorney investigator.

Sarah worked side-by-side with investigators by attending witness interviews and putting together cases for trial. She was enthusiastic to take a case to trial and fight for public safety. She does not back down from a challenge. Sarah prosecuted cases fairly. She advocated for harsh sentences when a defendant posed a risk to our community.

The Kings County District Attorney must put our community’s safety first. This means that the DA has to work with all law enforcement to successfully prosecute cases. The DA has put his own agenda before the interests of the community, which has caused friction between the DA's office and our law enforcement agencies. When the DA puts himself first, public safety is the second priority. Also, the DA must prosecute based on the evidence. He cannot prosecute or make plea or diversion agreements based on bias or favor.

The DA’s Office staff deserve a boost in morale and fairness for all in the workplace. 

I am a backer for Sarah Hacker. Join me in voting for her on June 7.

Dave Robinson



Targeting Russian dictator, not Russians

In response to Letter to the Editor: UN, NATO are lost without a strong Russia.

Unfortunately, the writer of this letter is not recognizing the situation or the intentions of the world. No one has a complaint about all of the cultural aspects of a strong Russia and the many positive aspects of its history. The problem exists because of a rogue government and a dispicable leader and military in Russia using their influence and might for aggressive actions against an independent country on their border.

As long as Putin and his minions are in power they are a threat to all of the European neighbors due to their aggression and brutal treatment of their neighbors. They have undertaken to annihilate Ukraine and all of its citizens simply because they can, they think.

Only with the help of the rest of the Western world can the head of this creature be severed and peace brought back to the area. No one will dispute the wonderful things that have been accomplished in Russia over the years, but what is taking place now is not beneficial to anyone in the world. Therefore, Russia must be brought to its knees. Not the Russian people, but the powers that have undertaken to deprive the Russian people of the truth of their government's military actions.

Gene Corbin

Santa Maria



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