Stop the COVID madness

Team Biden is now requiring businesses and government agencies to adhere to vaccination programs by edict. It’s a rich man’s trick. Vaccinations are unnecessary given that there are therapeutics available that are proven to work against the COVID viruses (HCQ, Zink, Ivermectin, to name a few).

Why are "We The People" allowing our governments to control the masses with forced vaccination programs through coercion? Why are our governments pushing the vaccination programs and “passports” that are being mandated for "We The People" to regain our God-given freedoms?

What happened to my body, my choice? Isn’t COVID a new strain of flu with a 99.5% survival rate? Are the vaccines proven through the normal trial processes historically applied in our great nation? Are they causing harm? Are they unnecessary?

The answers to these questions are all related to control by the Cabal – the secret societies that JFK warned about 50-plus years ago. The elites have always had a symbiotic relationship with the masses because the masses look to governments for solutions.

Some of us have learned that a small group of elites control the masses through governments, which are controlled by “elected” officials that are installed by the elites.

Fortunately, "We The People" are waking up to their schemes. Unfortunately, the heavy handed controls instituted by our governments across the world are now wreaking havoc.

Look to Australia and New Zealand for a preview of what is in store for the USA (and all other countries). Australia and New Zealand have become police states, although people may not be aware because our “mainstream media” will not report.

Unknowing what was to come, those citizens gave their guns to the governments in the past few years and now have little recourse in their fight for freedom. Vaccine “passports” are now issued and required by their government.

Dan Dawson

Santa Barbara

Time to start working to solve our problems

Dan Walters chides Gov. Gavin Newsom writing, “… he wouldn’t have been in danger of being dethroned had he conducted himself more judiciously.”

He writes that the French Laundry restaurant unmasked birthday party attended by Gov. Newsom 11 months ago, “… embodied the doubts about his character,” and “… turbocharged what had been a lackadaisical recall effort …”.

For that one event 11 months ago, (that Gov. Newsom apologized and took full responsibility for), California Republicans want to have a wasteful, unnecessary recall election and at the same time possibly elect a conservative right-wing radio host with a paltry number of votes and no experience governing.

The most “judicious” Republican recall candidate, Kevin Faulconer, cannot get any support from California’s GOP recall electorate. Apparently conducting oneself “judiciously” has never been a factor in swaying California GOP recall voters. Also, I would like to note, many voters in California communities all over the state are science-deniers and would argue that unmasking in public is a constitutional right and consider Gov. Newsom’s behavior a First Amendment protected choice.

Walters surmises that “To many, Newsom came across as elitist, egomaniacal and hypocritical …” In the Trump Republican party, those behaviors are considered virtues and a requisite for election.

Walters claims “The recall would probably not have made the ballot had Newsom heeded the example of two predecessors (Republican Pete Wilson and Democrat Jerry Brown), rather than insisting on doing things his way, whether we like it or not.”

I want a governor that will learn from the past, but Gov. Gavin Newsom needs to govern as he sees fit to solve California’s current problems and not try to govern as someone else from a different time and era. Also, what politician when challenged on governing decisions, does not “insist on doing things his (her) way?”

California Republicans should be honest with themselves about why they are having a recall. “It’s time to grow up”, and start working to solve our problems instead of being part of the problem.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria


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