Review ethnic studies model yourself

Concerning the article "Ethnic Studies: Don't let it promote grudges", I disagree with Mr. Elias's stance on the effects an ethnic studies curriculum will have on California education. To better understand the purpose of this curriculum:

“The Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum will focus on the traditional, ethnic studies first established in higher education which has been characterized by four foundational disciplines: African American, Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x, Native American, and Asian American studies. The focus on the experiences of these four disciplines provides an opportunity for students to learn of the histories, cultures, struggles, and contributions to American society of these historically marginalized peoples which are often untold in U.S. history courses.” (Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Second Field Review Draft. Page 3. September 2020.)

Suggesting that this curriculum will “promote a lifelong sense of victimhood and an enduring series of grudges and resentments” (Elias) is an insult to California educators, California education administration, and the thousands of parents that have partaken in the revising of this course.

The second draft for the ethnic studies curriculum is a roadmap for California public school administrators and teachers to create a curriculum according to the demographics of students in their respective areas. While it is a work in progress, the purpose of ethnic studies is to promote the values of civic engagement, self, and collective empowerment, encourage cultural understanding and critical thinking.

I urge people to be active with California education and review the Ethnic Studies Model for themselves. You can direct your public comments to the CDE, IQC, and State Board of Education at More information on the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum can be found on the CDE Model Curriculum Projects web page.

Kalea Bridgemohan


Too many out Friday night sans masks

Dinner of Friday Nite: All I can say is wake up Hanford. The amount of people out Friday night was unbelievable and the people with NO masks. I realize that people just want to get out and socialize but come on. Business owners wake up and help protect our community.

Jack Smith


Newsom needs stakeholder consensus on EVs

Starting in 2035, Governor Newsom says new cars must be electric. However, if electric vehicles (EVs) are such a good idea, why are there 36 million vehicles in California and only 726,000 EVs? This, after 10 years and $809 million in taxpayer money given to EV purchasers!

You don’t know anyone who has received any of this “free” money? Researchers found that about 60% of taxpayer funded EV rebates went to households making $200,000+ per year! Maybe only the well-to-do elites can afford the status signaling that goes with EVs.

Californians already choose from 34 EV manufacturers. Why don’t people buy EVs, even when taxpayers pay them to do so? Maybe the technology is unimpressive and expensive. Maybe we simply don’t like them, Teslas excepted. Let carmakers make EVs we want to buy.

How are we going to provide enough electricity for this? Politicians caused utility companies to divert money from maintaining the electrical grid to developing expensive renewable energy. How do you like the resulting rolling blackouts?

If paying higher taxes, so the rich can get free money, is such a good idea, why not let the people decide? Why use an executive action to shut out the voters? Maybe politicians believe they wouldn’t be reelected if they voted for higher taxes.

Mandates don’t build agreement with policy. Stakeholder engagement creates consensus. Perhaps Newsom just doesn’t care what we think.

Don Laursen


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