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Respecting our flag and national anthem

I have many ties with our Flag and National anthem. The main one is serving our country, the good old U.S.A. in the US Army; in defense of our country in World War II. In the battle for Okinawa and occupation of Japan, I was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the Bronze Star, and the Presidential Unit Ribbon. It was an honor to be able to serve my country, our stars and stripes and the National Anthem.

I am a member of V.F.W. and the American Legion and to this day I display a 20-foot flagpole in front of my house. Every morning I look out and enjoy watching the flag flutter and wave as I salute it proudly.

I have a Kings County War album of those men and women from all of Kings County who served during WWII. It was published by the selective board #129 and contains pictures and biographical sketches. It was a long and costly war and the price was great. Many of our boys never returned. I speak of them as boys that grew into men very fast. Today they sleep in graves that are widely separated so the rays of sunshine will shine on the resting place of Kings County boys who became men overnight. We have been and are now involved in several wars defending and fighting for people’s right to live free from oppression in a Democratic way. We are fighting Insurgents and Terrorists all over the world. There are many reasons that we should respect our red, white and blue with gold stars representing all of the United States.

Now it seems like some football players and owners of the teams have taken up refusal to stand and show the respect that it should receive. They have taken that stand to protest and demonstrate with the excuse that freedom of speech and actions are legal in ways to express their feelings by taking a knee of staying away from the occasion. I think and know how wrong they are. They are just plain dumb and irresponsible considering their status in the game of football and earning millions of dollars.

Where does that money come from? Now suppose the people start to show their disapproval for their actions by boycotting their games and start demonstrations in front of the stadiums.

Lawrence Valdez


Thumbs up to a great town

I just moved to Hanford a few weeks ago from Renton, WA., a crowded suburb of Seattle.

I made the move because my daughter lives and teaches in Hanford and is pregnant. And I prefer NOT to be a thousand miles away from my grandson!

Anyway, I must admit that I am pretty impressed with Hanford. People are friendly, there are no traffic problems, and the warm weather is a welcome change from the cold and rain of the Seattle area. Whenever I go into a store, the employees seem happy to see you and are extra helpful—something that doesn’t always occur in the big city.

So far, it looks like I made the right move here, even though it was a very tough one given my rather fragile age of 65!

Thumbs up to this great town!

Roger Wong


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