Renaissance royal justice court disbands

The Hanford Renaissance of Kings Faire hath existed for over 42 years. Saint Gregory’s Renaissance Guild had the pleasure to be thine court of royal justice for 40 of those years.

We are greatly saddened to announce some varlet hast made off with our court. Our trailer with all the props was stolen. We love Hanford’s Faire, but our numbers dwindled, and some of us are not as young as we used to be (or think we are), so, unfortunately, we have decided to disband. We expend a lot of energy performing the court of law, even though we love it. This doesn’t mean we won’t be at our usual spot, but we will be doing something different.

We want to thank the people of Hanford. One gentleman offered to rebuild the torture devices. The offers of help were overwhelming. The love you have shown St. Greg’s this year and during the past 40 years has kept us going.

We will always support Hanford Faire and give our best to the people attending. To Hanford Parks and Recreation, we pledge our fealty and doth be grateful for the opportunity to make people laugh.

Until we meet anon.

Diane Hull

Saint Gregory’s Renaissance Guild

Sprawl, pollution regrettable

Even with the expanded city limits 2010 to 2020, Hanford's population has remained about the same. What justifies doubling the square miles of Hanford's city limits? This sprawl could create more dependance on personal cars, creating more problems than just more pollution.

Ironicly the city has money to fund new construction but not to presently fund programs and activities. How will they fund them in new buildings?

Health and safety concerns (of our most thoughtful leaders) continue to be ignored. Since moving here 10 years ago pollution seems worse, which increases our need for more indoor activities, yet the doors to public buildings remain closed, not just a pandemic thing either!

Today is "Clean Air Day". I celebrated by taking a little longer walk than usual, as the smoky air is lingering. Walking is supose to be good for us. Polluted air is not. It may help to lable the few safe bike paths we have in an effort to encourage riding when possible, which would ease congested traffic and help to improve our air quality.

In sustainable communities blight and sprawl are avoided. Regrettably, staff are so overwhelmed they can't help, even when that is their job. So much damage is done before they can get to it. Extra miles, time and cost add up, and drain from the same budget. Then we (the people living here), pay more as problems continue to expand with the sprawl. It helps to have leaders and staff who have actually lived here in Hanford for at least a decade, those who can provide all "public good" service without conflicts of interest.

I am so thankful for all the people helping to make living here better. If you think little things do not matter then maybe you haven't been in an elevator (that broke) with a mosquito, or a swarm of them. Bitten and infected, (long after a bad ride) plenty of healling to be done. Counting my blessings, so many around here to help lift my spirits.

Praise be for more creative and courageous days; living life more on purpose in more meaningful ways. Faithfully celebrating peace and love always.

Rose Shapley



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