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Letters to the Editor: Reality makes fears of COVID-19 real

Letters to the Editor: Reality makes fears of COVID-19 real

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Reality makes fears of COVID-19 real

I see our president has told us not to fear COVID-19. I'm sure I could go along with that if I knew that everyone I came in contact with had just been tested for the virus, with the results of the test immediately available, and I was tested a few times a day by my personal doctor who was always there.

Also, if I had a helicopter standing by to fly me from home to a hospital where a private suite was always waiting for me, and there were doctors there 24 hours a day to administer to me every conceivable treatment known to even possibly help in fighting the virus.

Unfortunately I don't live in that world. The world I and everyone else around me lives in has many more hazards. One of those potential hazards is running out of money. I guess I could learn to not be afraid of that either, if I had inherited tens of millions of dollars from my father.

My father was a very nice man who would have given me those millions, but he worked two jobs just to keep us in decent housing and clothing and food. I suppose what I am trying to say here is that it is difficult to take advice from a person who has lived a life as free from the worries that most of us face as our current president has.

That would be true, I think, even if his life history demonstrated a much greater consistency of truthfulness and concern for others than the facts demonstrate in the case of this particular president.

Earl Frounfelter

Santa Maria

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