Nearly any name can be offensive

Before eliminating the ship “Santa Maria” as a logo, school and city officials should give thought to a serious concern. Societies that “cancel” their history, are destined to repeat it.

Instead of eliminating the logo, why not use it as a basis for education on how the United States came into being. Make the logo a center of learning.

However, if the logo is eliminated, then the city’s name, “Santa Maria”, should probably also be changed, and definitely the name “Saints” should be eliminated from any connection to Santa Maria High School, as “Saint” is associated with the Catholic church and its history of the sexual misbehavior of priests.

Is it now becoming apparent how nearly any name, word or symbol, can be offensive to someone?

Jim Vint

Santa Maria

Looking forward to more theater

I have just returned from a matinee performance of Angel Street performed at the Kings Players Temple Theater. The play was splendid. I've seen many professional plays in Los Angeles and New York and this one was right up there with them in terms of the quality of the acting, the set, the costumes, the lighting, and even the original music from local composer Jeff Fritz.

Unfortunately, this was the last performance of this show. There's a lot of talent in this group and I look forward to their future productions.

Katherine Andes


A much bigger problem

The high school district is changing its logo because "several students and community members" object to it.

Since when do the few dictate to the many? Since when do we blame the ship for perceived acts of the person? Oh, that's right: guns kill. What about the respect for the community? Would they have us change the city logo, too?

Let's be honest (sort of). Instead of changing the logo, they should be changing the name of the high school. "Santa Maria" is far more prominent than the logo. And the high school's name, Santa Maria Joint Union High School, includes two veiled references to drug use: 1) Joint and 2) High.

If changing the logo is what the students of the high school are taking away from four years of education at Santa Maria High School, then we should not be fixing the logo. We have a much bigger problem; we should be changing the high school.

Michael Farris

Los Alamos

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