Measure K needed to support police, fire

On Nov. 3, citizens of Lemoore will vote on Measure K, a 1% sales tax increase in support of police and fire services.

Like many communities, the City of Lemoore is facing a decline in revenues used for funding of public safety. Approval of this measure is expected to generate $1.8 million to help maintain these vital services.

Having served as Lemoore's Police Chief and Sheriff of Kings County, I can assure you that keeping Lemoore a safe place to live and raise a family has always been the highest priority of your police and fire departments. Measure K will help maintain those high standards.

As the residents of Lemoore rely upon law enforcement to step up and keep our community safe, it is now your opportunity to make a difference for those who serve. Now more than ever it is vital that first responders have your support. Join me in support of Measure K.

Ken Marvin

Kings County Sheriff, retired

Outdoor dining causing pedestrian safety issue

The city of Hanford needs to remove road blocks. The city pays code enforcement employees for a reason. Outdoor dining doesn't take precedence over pedestrian safety. I almost hit an individual while trying to navigate the road closure right in front of Black Bear Diner.

It's totally unsafe and unacceptable. That shopping center is used by multiple businesses not just that one restaurant. I am avoiding any restaurant that takes away parking for outside eating. I will not order any take out from a restaurant that takes away parking for outdoor dining.

I would like the Hanford city manager and Hanford police chief to clearly state if they think outdoor dining takes priority over pedestrian safety. God forbid first responders be blocked by these road blocks or a real disaster could happen. Just because there is COVID businesses think we give up on pedestrian safety and fire exit requirements. Safety first!

Troy Kitchens

Hanford california

'Politics is just like show business'

President Reagan should know something about show business. In the last two debates all four candidates were very bad at show business.

President Trump looked, and acted like an old, grouchy uncle. He never smiled and never had a good thing to say about anybody.

Vice-President Biden looked and acted like a really nice old grandfather that would show all the kids card tricks. He looked like a deer in headlights most of the time.

Vice-President Pence looked and acted like a stiff, nasty high school principal. No wonder the fly landed on him, he never moved.

Senator Harris looked and acted like a sweet mom, who would always have cookies and milk on the table when you came from school. She was convincing as mom, but as president, she needed more acting school.

President Reagan knew something about politics too, and all four candidates were very poor at politics. They all had the same talking points, and repeated them over and over again. Nothing new or interesting.

So why did the fly get the most attention? He didn't know much about politics, but he sure knew a lot about show business. He was the only interesting, new thing in both debates.

Cary De Grosa

Santa Maria

Trump proves that true leaders offer solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic slowdown gives me time to reflect on past studies leading to my masters in public administration.

How does a government control the population in a free society? The answer is through fear. This COVID-19 pandemic has given states under Democratic party control the perfect excuse to put the squeeze on their citizens.

This pandemic allows us to critically examine the stark differences between conservative (Republican) and liberal (Democrat) philosophy and ideology.

Conservatism places the responsibility for health and safety on the individual; whereas under Liberalism the government decides and dictates what is best for the citizenry. This contrast explains why officials and organizations so strongly oppose President Donald Trump.

His decisions, policies, accomplishments, and rhetoric fly in the face of the controlling “old guard”. He fearlessly challenges the “Goliaths” of old power house elitist career politicians, global business interests, media and social establishments. Their hate of the President is stoked by the strong passionate support of the common man.

President Trump has become the new biblical “David” of the American people. His infection and subsequent medical progress drive the media and political opponents into a “shark feeding frenzy” because he flies in their faces, thus disproving their liberal insistence that everyone must be paralyzed by fear.

Instead he is living proof that true leaders offer positive hopeful solutions to problems. That he is correct when he states that American technology and science is the best in the world. That “In God We Trust” is the predominant American philosophy.

Ted Suchecki




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