Keep America, America

I am an acquaintance of a person that lived under the rule of "socialism", and it is not a pretty picture. If you believe socialism is better than capitalism for our country, remember Venezuela, a very rich country at one time as well as others ruled under socialism are now in grave poverty.

A quote by Winston Churchill “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery".

This is exactly what is happening all across the USA today. Wake up America! There is still a little time to save America from misery. We also need the border wall to protect our country and our citizens. America has prospered because of capitalism and the freedom to choose. Do not be fooled by people that hate America. It breaks my heart to see all of these young adults destroying our flag and property. One day they will realize how wrong they were.

Yes you have the right to protest peacefully for a cause, but not to destroy other's property. It appears the Democratic party has chosen socialism, free medical, free college and free medicare for all. Yes all lives matter, no matter the color of our skin, we are all God's children. If you are a true American citizen, keep America America.

Mickey Freeman

Santa Maria

Why would you vote for left of socialism?

Last Sunday, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates were on 60 Minutes. Trump was his usual abrasive self. Pence was a gentleman and given about two minutes of air time.

Joe Biden clearly stated that he will almost double corporate taxes from 21% to 39.8% and on higher income individuals. A Basic Business 101 rule is that if your costs go up, the price of your products go up, so all of us will be paying more for everything from hotels to food to gasoline to clothes.

It is also very possible that businesses will be forced to lay off people due to the higher taxes. He also stated he will shut down the oil and gas industry, with plans to eliminate all fossil fuels and the shutdown of coal and gas fired power plants. This will result in the loss of tens of thousands of good jobs as well as higher costs for everything, as you would be very hard pressed to find anything or any industry that doesn’t use oil.

In the past Joe has made numerous racist statements and actually did the “quid pro quo” with the Ukraine that Trump was accused of. Kamala Harris is the most liberal Senator in Congress. She is actually to the left politically of Bernie Sanders. She has clearly stated she plans to take all of the citizens’ guns and will send the police to get them if we don’t turn them in.

When Joe was accused of sexual misconduct by a staffer, Kamala emphatically stated she believed the lady. Remember, Democrats wanted to impeach Trump for these same accusations. Now she is his running mate?

Why are all of these accusations not being investigated. What I just don’t understand is why anyone would vote for higher taxes, higher costs for everything, no oil and gas industry, unreliable power supplies, racism, quid pro quo agreements, sexual misconduct, confiscation of self defense capabilities and policies to the left of a self-admitted socialist?

Curt Warner

Santa Maria

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