How Valadao broke his promise on immigration

David Valadao says he served the interests of the Central Valley. Since when was it ever in the Valley’s interests to separate families and destroy innocent lives and livelihoods?

Valadao has been awfully silent around the issue of family separation and the indecency of this violation of our shared humanity. How can Valadao sit around doing nothing while children suffer locked up in cages? These are innocent, young children who don’t know any better, and we’re treating them like criminals. David Valadao broke his promise on immigration the moment he turned his back on this humanitarian crisis.

Personally, I had no control over where I was brought up, but I am here now and I am a proud Central Valley resident — though the President and Republicans in Congress don’t see me as such. What scares me the most is I am no different than these kids who are being traumatized and torn away from their families. The fear that these children must be living with is unbearable, and anyone who doesn’t speak out against it effectively supports it, and that is why I feel the strong need to call out our ex-congressman David Valadao.

To make matters worse, when Valadao was in Congress, he voted 21 times against even letting the DREAM Act come to the House Floor. What other lies and deceit has our ex-representative done that we didn’t know about? He has broken his promise on immigration and should never be trusted with public office ever again.

Say no to broken promises. Say no to Valadao.

Hector Jimenez


Central Valley farmers need practical voices like Cox’s

Nowhere are the challenges of the administration’s trade war more clear than right here in the Central Valley. The livestock, cotton, fruits and vegetables, and tree nuts that we grow and raise here ship to every corner of the globe, bringing back vital revenue for our farms and our communities.

That international economy is why our elected officials have to be diplomats, rather than partisans; and it’s what I appreciate so much about Congressman TJ Cox.

I raise almonds outside of Kingsburg, and Cox has listened extensively to farmers like me across the district as we discuss the challenges facing agricultural trade right now. On the one hand, we do not support the president’s trade war, because it has cost us millions in demand in places like China and Latin America. On the other, trade deals like the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement mean expanded markets for the things I and my fellow Central Valley farmers produce.

Rather than take the partisan line and bash the president, Cox has worked together with Republicans in Congress and the administration to ensure the USMCA works for California farmers, and when he secured those wins, he backed the agreement and urged his fellow Democrats to do the same.

In a hyper-partisan Washington, we need more of Cox’s brand of leadership, focused on what constituents need, rather than on the party-line message.

Matt Rogers


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