Credibility of high court rests with Thomas

I want to share this, which was written by Bill Rosenberg, Texas Senate District 23 Executive Committee Member:

"So my thoughts for your consideration as we head into another weekend in America.

In addition to the invasion of the Ukraine, we have yet another shameful, disgusting scandal right here at home. The wife of a sitting Supreme Court Justice has now been shown to have actively committed acts of sedition, sending text after text to Mark Meadows, the former (Chief of Staff to President Trump), imploring him to overturn the results of a lawfully held election. Ginni Thomas should be indicted and tried for sedition, and her husband Clarence Thomas, who absolutely had to know what his wife was up to, should resign immediately.

The sad truth here is that, like other outrageous acts against our Democracy by the authoritarians on the right, there will, in all likelihood, be no consequences. Criminals and traitors are now running rampant throughout our nation and throughout our government, systematically destroying the country. There seems to be little appetite to hold these traitorous criminals accountable for anything they do. The DOJ, under Merrick Garland is doing practically nothing to bring those responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection to justice. The sentences being handed out to the rioters who stormed our Capitol are so light as to be laughable. The perpetrators, seeing the wrist slaps being meted out as "justice" are emboldened and encouraged to continue their crimes, and the result can only be a further erosion of the principles that have guided the country for 250 years.

We must continue to speak out, and to keep calling the traitors out. Clarence Thomas should be removed from the SCOTUS immediately. His wife must be held accountable for her despicable acts. There is no other answer, IMO. The credibility of the highest court in the land will be totally lost if that does not happen.”

Earl Frounfelter

Santa Maria

Conquer fear, express yourself freely

I find it intriguing, compelling, and sad that "The New York Times believes the United States has a free speech problem.”

The “fear of being shamed or shunned”, “fear of retaliation or harsh criticism”, and “fearing cancellation” are some reasons given for why “some Americans do not speak freely in everyday situations …”.

In the editorial, the (NY) Times cites “A new national poll commissioned by Times Opinion and Sienna college … found that 84% of adults said it is a ‘very serious’ or ‘somewhat serious’ problem that some Americans do not speak freely in everyday situations because of fear of retaliation or harsh criticism,” while “only 34% of Americans said they believe that all Americans enjoyed freedom of speech completely.”

I am surprised at the amount of “fear” that is expressed regarding using a fundamental and “affirmative right to speak your mind in public, on which the law is silent”.

The editorial cites another Times Opinion/ Sienna College poll that “ found …46% of respondents said they felt less free to talk about politics compared to a decade ago,” while “only 21% of people reported feeling freer …”.

The Times references Suzanne Nossel, the chief executive of PEN America, a free speech organization who said “There’s a crises around freedom of speech now because many people don’t understand it, they weren’t taught what it means and why it matters.”

Suzanne Nossel’s assessment is frightening and shocking in a democracy as old as our United States of America! What would the founding fathers think of our willful ignorance today?

“The (Times) editorial board plans to identify a wide range of threats to freedom of speech … and to offer possible solutions.” That is an editorial I eagerly await reading.

I am a big believer in “freedom of speech” and the “power of the pen”. I am a voracious reader, an occasional writer of opinions and believe “letters to the editor” are a staple of “the popular conception of free speech” ie. (the affirmative right to speak your mind in public).

So, I would like to “speak freely” and publicly to all those that feel “fear” at the thought of expressing yourself publicly. I encourage you to conquer your “fear” and express yourself “fearlessly” anyway. Instead of being “shamed”, “shunned”, “cancelled”, “harshly criticized”, or experiencing “retaliation”, you may find encouragement, agreement, support and like minds that are inspired to “speak freely” by your commitment and courage to speak out.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria


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