Congressman Cox fights for the Valley

Congressman TJ Cox has worked tirelessly for us in Congress. In his first term, he has accomplished more than other members have in years.

TJ works with Republicans and Democrats to deliver for the Valley. He has helped lead the fight for additional water for our farmers and rural communities. Our Congressman has also defended the Affordable Care Act which ensures over 60,000 residents in our district have healthcare coverage. He will never stop fighting to protect those of us with preexisting conditions.

Let's keep Congressman Cox working for us in Congress, he delivers.

Matt Rogers


COVID is real, wear a mask

I am wondering why all these events in Hanford you see pictured on the cover of the Sentinel show most of the people without face coverings and no social distancing? Come on people, get a clue! COVID is real and we shouldn't have all these deaths and active cases!

Eileen Mankinen


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