A question of truth in voting record

I know TJ Cox likes to bend the truth and misrepresent reality and distort half-truths, but our Congressman actually outright lied on TV.

During the Valadao-Cox Debate, TJ Cox was asked a legitimate question: have you ever voted against Nancy Pelosi?

He said that yes, on numerous occasions, he had voted against her. Clearly the moderators were as shocked as I was to hear that answer, because they asked again to clarify that he was indeed claiming he had voted in opposition to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. He lied that he had.

For those who may not know, this is a shocking statement because it is a well-known, provable fact that TJ Cox has voted with Nancy Pelosi every single time. This isn’t some twisted statistic that narrows in on only certain votes … literally every time TJ Cox has voted in Congress, he’s had the same vote as Pelosi.

Issues like immigration, healthcare, and water depend on bipartisan efforts. Otherwise, much like all of the legislation TJ brags about helping with, the bill dies either in the Senate or across the President’s desk. Obstinate pushes for Pelosi’s agenda don't get legislation passed, don't help the Valley, and don't reflect his constituency’s values.

If siding with Pelosi was good for the district, TJ Cox wouldn’t lie about it. Clearly, TJ Cox knows his record is condemning.

Vernon Costa


The Hunter Biden laptop

What is wrong with the Sentinel in its silence regarding the unclaimed Hunter Biden laptop?

It contains less-than-safe material about children with whom Hunter was cognizant.

It contains the facts in dollars and cents that Hunter was receiving after co-ordinating with his father.

We once said "the truth will set you free". Doesn't this mean anything to a responsible media who is obligated to provide what is happening? We humans can figure out its significance given our ability to 'reason' if only given reasonable information - the NY newspaper figured it out.

Gary Smith


How students feel about online school

Being a student during this time is very hard. Many things are going on such as a pandemic, having to do school online, having to have stable mental health, and so many more things that others don’t understand.

We can’t blame anyone because no one was expecting this to happen nor did we wanted this to happen. I would like teachers to know how we feel about all the work they give us and how we feel doing the assignments they give us.

Obviously teachers can’t do much because they as well have it hard. They have to prepare Zoom classes, be presentable, and work on assignments for us. But as students we feel as if the only important thing is to pass the school year and not to actually learn.That's how the school makes it seem.

Why? Because if we fail a test we get an F, meaning we don’t pass even if we really have no clue what's going on. We feel bad and can’t do an assignment we get a bad grade, everything we do that is bad goes to our grade. Which makes us want to not care about learning.

Online school is a lot harder than you would think. You wake up, stare at a screen for many hours, finish Zoom meetings and still have homework. “I don’t like online school. I can’t focus. I’ll be on my phone, and no one is stopping me, and a lot of other students. I am not concerned about my grades. They are evaluating me on something that's constantly frustrating me,” said a student from Pioneer Valley. Usually when we go to school we aren’t on our phones because the teachers are always there.

They supervise us and make sure we are learning. But online school is different because we don’t have someone that does that. We have to learn by ourselves. And by doing this we get stressed. Not only with Zoom classes but with the homework that they give us.

Of course not everyone has the same opinion.

Stephanie Guerrero

Santa Maria

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