As I sit here the middle of my country is under ten feet of flood water from "vortex storm". The people there also know that this is only going to get worse with the spring thaw to come in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, the president is verbally assaulting a man that has been dead for seven months.

Last week, the president's proposed budget reduced the EPA budget 31%. Cuts to medicare and medicade were also proposed. Cuts to military health services and construction were also listed. Why?

You may have noticed an uptick in large amount of snow and rain events in the East and South of our country. In the West we had several large fires. I remember we may have had a couple here in California over the last few years.

As I recall our president mispronounced the name of the burned town he was standing in. Why?

It's time to solve the crisis. We need infrastructure, roads, bridges and levees. We need to face Climate Change. We need manufacturing to think of others, pay a living wage, rather then their share holders and CEO's. How much is enough for the rich? Drug companies could charge their countrymen at least the same rates they provide foreigners.

The current president is a narcissist and is incapable of leadership. He only thinks of himself, money and the wall.

John Waddell


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