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I was watching an old news release of President Ronald Regan sharing many exploits of his administration focusing on his presidency.

Some scenes had to do with the celebration he attended in Normandy and spoke of the men of World War II especially those who fought at Normandy and the rest of Europe. General Bradly said every man who landed at Normandy was a hero. The President talked about the giving of lives for the sake of freedom, not for the ability for our great nation to conquer and keep territory for ourselves.

America fought to set people free around the world. In some sense like God the Father giving His only son for the shedding of blood for the sins of the world, setting men free. America in our wars has shed our son's blood for the sake of many.

I was thinking of what I have been taught of the Stars and Stripes of our flag, referred to as "Old Glory."

Red stripes represent the blood of Jesus as well as Valor of our Armed Forces.

White represents the purity of Jesus as well as our purity and innocence.

Blue represents Royalty as well as our justice.

Now Google says this:

"Red, hardiness, and valor, and

White signifies purity and innocence.

Blue, signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice."

Not much difference except Google does not recognize the blood of Jesus in our flag.

But today I want to praise and bring glory to our fighting men and women of our past and present wars. They have chosen to serve, not to be served. Each has done all that was asked of them.

Thank you, U.S. Service men and women, servants of America, we recognize you in memory this Veterans Day. God bless you as you continue to serve our great United States of America.

Let us pray as Abe Lincoln suggested in the Great Civil War saying, "Let us not pray that God be on our side but that we be on God's side in all conflicts."

God bless you and your loved ones today.

Tim Atkinson


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