The 9 November Hanford Sentinel Thomas Elias “Commentary-California Once Again Acting Like A County of Its Own”, advocates California’s basic values; yet, he never states them. The problem is that he doesn’t know the difference between “wants” and “values”. Values are “important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable.”.

California citizens don’t value high speed rail from Bakersfield to Modesto or Los Angeles to Las Vegas representing a political “want”. Raider fans might “want”, i.e. “crave, demand, or desire” that non-“value” item.. California citizens don’t value a tax on carbon used to fund political “wants”.

Californian’s value:

• security from criminals, cartels and drug gangs operating in this state;

• an education that teaches writing, reading and mathematics over confusing and unproven gender identities;

• actual road repair of potholes instead of simply hiding them under slurry, unrepaired;

• realistic tax use to defend from “Climate Change” over the current “do nothing” for threatened sea rise coasts, bridges and roadways;

• addressing the “$91 billion-dollar unfunded liability” that closes fire stations in fire prone areas because CalPERS increasingly demands greater payments from small communities east of Modesto;

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• honor and secure Proposition 13 tax protection on all property, business or private, over proposed exploiting business property with a yearly property tax;

• water management securing farm, dairy and ranch economic production over undue and unproven concerns about fresh water distribution to eliminate ocean salinity;

• responsible governance that manages forests sustainably through underbrush and dead tree or tree harvesting so the State doesn’t burn every year

• responsible governance aware of NASA satellite surveillance of earth’s climate systems over foolishly squandering tax dollars in foreign countries on a State-owned satellite.

An intelligently run “California Autonomy” would be nice. When do you suppose Californians will wake up and elect Senators and Assembly persons to accomplish their “values” over political “wants”, producing a reasonable, prudent and sustainable “California Autonomy”?

Gary Smith


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