Trust TJ Cox when it comes to our health

With all this talk about the open seat on the Supreme Court and how that makes the Affordable Care Act vulnerable, I’ve been thinking about my own healthcare and future. I’m very concerned that our representatives in Congress aren’t making the right decisions when it comes to protecting my health and ensuring that I can actually afford it.

As I was looking at our candidates for Congress, I saw that David Valadao voted with Trump 99% of the time, including Trump’s harmful agenda on health care. Valadao voted with Trump to gut protections for patients with pre-existing conditions, create what AARP called an “age tax” where insurance companies could charge older people five times more than others, and eliminate health coverage for more than 60,000 people in our community.

I am a resident from Hanford and a college student. This future with greater barriers to reliable, affordable health care should scare you; it definitely scares me. I encourage you all to think about how Valadao would make it harder for our community to get healthcare. It’s definitely not what we need, especially now when so many people in our community are hurting from the coronavirus pandemic.

I also read up on TJ Cox. He’s been working to fund community health clinics here in the Valley. While in Congress, it says he’s fought to get us more money for better care and he voted to force drug companies to lower their prices so that people can get the prescriptions they need without having to worry about the cost. I think it's clear whom we should trust.

I’ll be voting for TJ Cox this time because I trust that he will fight for our healthcare, just like he has been doing so far.

Agustin Perez


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