What a hypocrite for anyone who is supposed to be a leader of the Republican part to talk about someone elses ethics and morals.

When the RNC and all of you who support Trump shoved him down the throat of the American People you no longer have a right to talk morals, ethics and point out others lack of same.

You are supporting a criminal with about 4 decades of criminal cases racked up. A liar that lies everyday and keeps on lying. A thief who has stolen from everyone he has ever hired to work for him. A man who glorifies a vicious violent killer in Putin.

A man who demeans, threatens, and violates the laws of this country on a daily basic, lies about the very institutions that keep us safe and protect us from criminals like him.

Good choice all of you cheap sell outs make in 2016. Live with what you have done. Thanks RNC, way to go.

Donna Cox


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