Letter to the Editor: TJ Cox defrauded investors

Letter to the Editor: TJ Cox defrauded investors

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In his most recent scandal, Congressman TJ Cox defrauded investors out of over $150,000! For years, Cox has promised these investors that their loan will be repaid, yet they haven' received a payment since 2015. Even more controversial, this is all tied to the mining company Cox claims to not be involved with and stated isn't even a real company.

If Cox filed his exit from the company in June, why did he provide an update on the mining operation to these investors in July? It seems the mining operation is, in fact, a company and he has continued to be involved past his "exit". This comes in addition to being sued for not allowing girls with disabilities to use his ice rink, refusing to pay nearly $60,000 in wages to his employees, participating in unethical spending leading to an audit of his non-profit, failing to disclose business interests in congressional filings, and having multiple liens filed against his businesses for failure to pay taxes. It seems there's a new lawsuit or scandal from our Congressman every week! Instead of waiting for the next headline, why not just let us in on it now, TJ? What else are you hiding?

Keith Grabow


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