Since 2016, Democrats have been attacking President Trump for ethics violations, tax returns, and association with foreign entities. In 2018, they found congressional candidates to campaign against Trump and in the 21st Congressional District, won by less than 1,000 votes. As revealed in a recent Fresno Bee article, T.J. Cox has apparently done everything he and his supporters accused our President of doing. It just goes to show you that the Democrats only care about power.

They are completely ok with voting for the epitome of what they claim to hate. That is the very definition of hypocrisy and the people who voted for T.J. Cox are now hypocrites. Democrats have to say either: “Trump is not that bad” or “T.J. Cox is exactly like Donald Trump”. Which is it?

I hope the people of Selma, Delano, and East Bakersfield realize that they voted for the least ethical man in congress, not to mention he tried running for different seats and then “settled” for the 21st District. You voted for someone who lives in Maryland and hides his business affiliations. Some of those business affiliations, are “non-profits” that exploit low income communities for New Market Tax Credits. The saddest part is this has nothing to do with his policies, T.J. Cox is only going to become more of a liability to our area. Unethical and out-of-touch are the only two ways to describe him. Way to go Democrats!

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Vernon Costa

Chairman, Republican Party of Kings County

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