Mr. Wong. The answer to gun violence is gun control? Please explain Chicago to everyone if this is true.

Chicago this year has had 309 murders. In 2018-650; in 2017 out of 3000 shootings, 750 killed.

So tough gun laws save lives, except in Chicago. Cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia are also cities with a large number of homicides.

Now as to the 2nd Amendment. It is not outdated, it is more relevant today than ever. The military can only come into a state under martial law declaration. Also for your education on this subject research the Posse Comatautus Act, of 6/18/1878 and the Insurrection Act of 1807.

The Founders in their absolute brilliance and living under British tyranny knew that there were two distinct needs, one for the Government to protect the new Republic from foreign invasion, and the people needing the right to bear arms to protect themselves from a tyrant government. A good source to read on the Founders intentions would be The Federalist Papers written by the Founders and the members at the Continental Congress that wrote this great document. They wanted the people to be able to protect themselves from tyranny be it foreign or from their government. Also there is a great online course from Hillsdale College The Constitution 101 and 201. It lays out in coordination with the Federalist Papers, an understanding of the Constitutions origin like none you have ever studied.

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Look at the things this government is trying to do, completely against the values of the Republic, violating the Constitution and tell me the Founders did not know that sooner or later the people would face a dictator type like this in the White House.

The 2nd Amendment as valid today as centuries ago to protect us from a violent, incompetent and vengeful, hate spouting psychopath. This man has no understanding of the Constitution shown by his past decades of violence and incompetence and his rhetoric against anyone who opposes him. Yes, we need the 2nd Amendment more now than on September 17, 1787. To protect and defend this great Nation.

Donna Cox


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