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The recent vote by the Westlands Board of Directors does not change the simple reality that many family farms will bear the brunt of shortages driven by the limitations of our water system. Change must occur as the status quo is placing in jeopardy the viability of over 1 million acres of productive farmland, while endangered fish species that rely on the Delta continue to decline. California WaterFix provides an opportunity to reverse these trends and to inject a long-overdue element of stability into our water system. I applaud the governor for his efforts and for recognizing that the communities of the San Joaquin Valley cannot continue to survive under current conditions. Our team has been closely evaluating California WaterFix and believes there continue to be opportunities for participation as many of our districts are willing to invest resources for increased water supply reliability. I also believe, however, that those who do not benefit from California WaterFix should not have to pay for benefits received by others. FWA and our member districts will be working closely with interested entities and Reclamation over the coming weeks to ensure that those who wish to participate have the full opportunity to do so in a manner that is fair to all water users in the state.

Jason Phillips, CEO Friant Water Authority


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