Letter to the Editor: "Split Roll" Proposition Scam

Letter to the Editor: "Split Roll" Proposition Scam

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Proposition 13 property tax is yet again under attack titled ”Split Roll”. Sacramento and your local supervisor are after new taxing on non-residential property. “Split Roll” refers to existing Assessor part property tax rolls, i.e., residential and nonresidential (business) property. Sacramento wants to overcome the fact that business and corporations don’t sell their property as frequently as homeowners.

What is proposed and why? “Split Roll” alters current Prop 13 tax major increases because increase only occurs only when property is sold. Under “Split Roll” all business property, i.e., office buildings, retail stores, movie theaters, gas stations, supermarkets, warehouses, auto dealerships, car washes, restaurants, hotels and every other business in the state, would be assessed every year at, initially, 2 percent. Very small businesses leasing strip mall space would experience large tax driven operating cost increases. And that 2 percent won’t last for long because Sacramento will have cracked the majority vote requirement in this part of Prop 13 protection.

The Kings County Supervisors are on board to reduce your Prop 13 tax assessment to a 55 percent vote, just read their “2019 Legislative Platform-“Capital Projects” political position, Page 9/Roger Bradley in charge (think they don’t, check for yourself!).

The “Split Roll” measure represents the largest California tax yet. That is not the propaganda spiel you get when signature solicited at the grocery store or farmers market. The lie they tell you is this property tax increase actually protects Prop. 13. But nothing could be further from the truth.

California is desperately seeking MONEY, yours! Particularly since 1978 smart citizens-imposed Proposition 13 property tax limits. Sacramento poor funds management is forcing citizen to have to support tons of newly imposed regulatory laws, juveniles to age 21, illegals medical and education, Planned Parenthood teaching in school, fizzled high speed rail bonds, water tunnels and climate change exaggeration with no defined action plan.

Business in California will either fail, pass through the costs or leave California. Your cost of living, already high in California, will spike higher through this tax increase.

Gary Smith


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