Congress has certain duties under the Constitution. The President has duties designated in the Constitution. These are two separate and co-equal branches of Government, the Legislative and the Executive.

When the Executive has someone at its top that lies daily, over and over, takes no responsibility for any harm or wrong he does, breaks Constitutional laws, all laws and treats everyone who does not pledge loyalty to him as if they are Americas enemy it is a horrible day for our Republic. Honestly this has been the trump way for two years in the Oval Office. No dignity, no respect for others, for this Country. Look at the lies he has told about the FBI anyone who tells the truth and speaks against him.

He insults 4 American Citizens, note they are women, and people want to excuse this racist behavior like it is their fault he is doing it?

These women just like all American Citizens have the right to freedom of speech, if it does not agree with Donald trump, it is demeaned and they are attacked.

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I do not agree with some of their statements either, but trump has repeatedly said far, far worse about this Country. He has insulted us on the World Stage, stood beside Putin and took his word over our Intelligence agencies. Sided with Putin mocking our election system.

There is no excuse for the hatred, racism, criminal activity and just simple vile behavior of Donald trump. It is all on him, no one else.

Donna Cox


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