Just a response to the Letter to The Editor of 7/31/2019. The crisis at the border is in part due to trump's absolute idiocy of hindering foreign aid to South American countries.

Trumps witch hunt, FBI spying on him have been proven to be lies, by the DOJ investigation into these allegations. No spying, no nothing. From the person that was appointed by his lawyer William Barr to investigate said activity you know "investigate the investigators?" There was no illegal activity in the FBI proven there. All trumps lies have been proven to be just that lies from an common liar. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, a Republican Senate Committee authenticated the Steele Dossier.

Trump wants respect, think all should respect him? Why? He is the nastiest, most vile of human beings. He lies about everyone, calls everyone names, encourages violence, and constantly puts on more daily tweets to distract and divide.

No one has the number of criminal actual adjudicated cases against them, no politician, as has trump, plus personal lawsuits for lying and cheating people. Try the Law Library, Lexus Nexus.

As for immigration it is trump who is lying and creating hatred toward immigrants. Odd thing is that three of those Congresswomen he so disrespected, well their families have been here generations longer than his 3rd generation family. All the trumps cowards running and bone spurring excuses to keep from serving.

It saddens me that this country is in the grip of such a foul, vile, lying human being.

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How far has the moral fiber of America fallen to allow such a person as this to sit in our White House. This is a matter of Country, when he sides with dictators openly and boldly against the hard working men and women across the world, working to keep us safe from such as Putin.

I pray everyday that we will turn our Country around, to honesty, integrity, honor and decency again. To love of God and Country.

Respecting others and speaking to each other in kindness, not vile hatred.

Donna Cox


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