Letter to the Editor: Response to a letter

Letter to the Editor: Response to a letter

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Because my name was mentioned in a Letter to the Editor by Gary Smith on March 17th, I feel compelled to respond.

Gary, ALL of your 16 bullet points were, at best, very misleading. There's no room here to go through all of them, but let me show you two examples.

Your first bullet point says that "we" got a tax break from Trump. Well, "we" didn't, unless you happen to be very rich, because the tax breaks were designed to benefit the wealthiest Americans, not the poor or middle class. Please look this up in an unbiased, bipartisan news source, and stop believing Sean Hannity.

You also said the US is "graduating illiterates". This is misleading since the vast majority of high school graduates are literate. There are different figures out there, but it's at least 80%. Plus, Trump has been in office for almost 4 years, so why hasn't he solved this problem? As a retired teacher I can understand why nothing has been done to improve literacy rates with Trump-appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. She's against public schools and has almost no educational experience.

But what bothered me most was your response to Trump's statement about how he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and people would still vote for him. You said "So what?" That is disturbing and scary.

If Obama or Hillary Clinton would have said that, I would have immediately dropped my support for them. I did drop my support, in fact, for Bill Clinton in 1998 when he lied to Congress and was found to have multiple affairs. What Trump has said and done is way worse than this.

Trump supporters seem to have seriously compromised their moral values. And I just don't get it. Shift your support to ANY other Republican!

The bottom line is that Trump is an embarrassment. Countries around the world think the US has gone raving mad.

The "shooting someone on 5th Ave." statement is so disturbing, arrogant, and violent that any reasonable person would disown the speaker of those awful words.

Roger Wong


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