The reasoning of the Founders, behind the 2nd Amendment was to give the citizenry the ability to protect their rights under the Constitution. It also means protect ourselves against tyrants in government. The reasoning of the Founders was based on their long history of living under a tyrant English King. This is why the Constitution was written and why we have the 1st Amendment and the 2nd.

It gives the people the right to protect themselves against a government that does not adhere to the law, and becomes dangerous to the wellbeing and safety of the Citizens who are the rightful owners of the Government. The government is not the owners of this Country we the people are. So 1st Amendment gives us the right to speak out against tyranny in our governments actions. The 2nd Amendment gives us the ability to defend ourselves when the government comes after us.

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Think Hong Kong right now. That is a dictatorship, run by tyrants.

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